OSRS Blue Dragon Guide

The OSRS blue dragon is an extremely uncommon monster, nevertheless low wellbeing makes it the best choice meant for melee beat. Generally, you should attempt to wipe out the monster thunder vpn reviews as fast as possible with your tool and then work with potions to slay others. Aside from prayers and potions, you should also include a high defence weapon, such as Korasi’s sword, to avoid obtaining hit by the blue dragon’s high health and wellbeing. A high-level halber is likewise a good choice.

Green dragons are extremely effective at terrible players with mounting bolts and magical attacks, and is killed by slayer masters. While they can do a great deal of damage, they’re weak to damage right from ranged goes for, hence ranged armour is essential with respect to protection. When you’re looking to produce a large earnings, however , you should consider using hoheitsvoll dragonhide shield to protect your self. You’ll be very well protected against magic.

If you wish to get the most gold coins while progressing up, you should kill a blue dragon. This kind of beast is a great way to get more money in OSRS. Its dragonfire can deal a lot of damage, and it takes special what to protect you. You can find all of them near lava eel doing some fishing locations. You can also eliminate a baby green dragon meant for an extra 2, 500 cash.

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